The show must go on, so the Mid-Columbia Ballet in Richland did something truly remarkable this year.

Unable to perform their traditional, annual Nutcracker ballet at Richland High School due to the pandemic, they decided to capture the popular holiday story at locations all over the Tri-Cities and film a movie, which they called Clara's Tri-Cities Nutcracker Dream.

They performed and filmed in compliance with the state of Washington's COVID-19 requirements. With music by the Mid-Columbia Symphony, this 35-minute movie has over 125 dancers, was filmed during October and November at over 35 locations all across the Tri-Cities, boasts a creative staff of 20 people, features numerous community volunteers and was edited by media professionals who gave their time freely.

The project was produced and directed by Debra Rogo (Artistic Director of the Mid-Columbia Ballet) and Janet Krupin (Actress and Broadway Performer). They recommend you consider making a donation to your local community nonprofit arts organizations.

It's free on YouTube, it's a tribute and a stress-relieving gift to the Tri-Cities, and for people everywhere. It will uplift your spirits at this truly challenging time of year. The film is free and will remain posted indefinitely. One of my favorite takes happens about the 14:35 mark where a bunch of smaller angels are moving elegantly in front of the Hanford Reach Museum on a spectacular, sunny day.

All of the scenes are splendid, the music is excellent, and the dancing is superb. You may need a box of tissues for some of the breath-taking shots, as they just may bring happy tears of joy.

Here is the link to the entire movie on YouTube or catch it below:

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