So over the weekend the Pasco Police posted a video that has gone viral. "HE JUST RAN OVER HIMSELF"  Watch and you'll see why!

According to the Post on Pasco PD's facebook here's what went down:

"HE JUST RAN OVER HIMSELF, PASCO." That's not the ending you expect to hear when listening to a police pursuit on the radio. At about 7 minutes after midnight early Sunday morning, Pasco officers were dispatched to a report of a loud crash in the area of Sylvester and 26th. Sergeant Chad Pettijohn was in the area and immediately located a damaged silver Toyota Camry pulling out of the alley next to Day Wireless, running on a flat.
The driver refused to stop for him, and a pursuit eastbound across the city began. Other officers joined. As the pursuit went south on 7th from Bonneville, the flat, shredded tire on the left front wheel fell off the wheel and rolled down the street. Sergeant Pettijohn had to brake for it. The pursuit continued, going through downtown on Clark, eastbound through the underpass, and finally coming to end on Adelia approaching Elm.
The driver had the car almost to a stop at that point. He opened the door, jumped out, and ran around the front of the car. Well, almost ran around it. It was still in motion forward, and he kind of got hung up by one sleeve when he bailed out. The car he had been driving knocked him down and then dragged him about a carlength. The pursuing officers quickly grabbed him.
If the car was a person, we would suspect that it was angry at him for smacking it into the Day Wireless building after stealing it from a family member. Or was it kharma?
Brandon E. Arrieta, DOB 040196 of Pasco, was booked into Franklin County Jail (after being offered medical treatment) on investigative holds for Vehicle Theft and Eluding. He is being investigated for additional misdemeanors like Hit-and-Run. Case PP16-48849 Eluding.