Because my job is to bring you the most compelling information of the day, I played over the air waves an audio clip of Las Vegas shooter Jerad Miller imitating The Joker to satirize Barack Obama. But aren't I contributing to the glorification of evil instead of focusing on the victims as media are encouraged to do? I'm torn. So here's my attempt to honor the victims.

Las Vegas officer Alyn Beck was 41 years old with a wife and three children. His friends say he loved to serve.

Igor Soldo, 31, was a refugee who escaped war-torn Bosnia as a child. He grew up in Nebraska and was known for patrolling the most dangerous streets as a member of the LVPD. He had a wife and baby.

These officers being killed solely because they wore the uniform of those pledged to defend us makes me sick.

And it hits close to home after recent events.

A Moses Lake resident is going to jail for hitting an officer in the face. A Kennewick man was arrested this week for making threatening comments to police on Craigslist last month.

As mourn the recent shootings across America, I can't help but be disappointed by the apparent lack of respect for the badge.

I'll be the first to encourage and support healthy challenges to authority. A democracy requires checks and balances. Skepticism, criticism and wariness of police power are part of that.

But that never excuses disrespect for the badge.

You can play your role as a citizen holding police departments accountable, while still honoring the men and women who patrol our streets keeping our society safe.