Last week a man killed 3 Canadian Mounties and injured 2 more. Yesterday a married couple shot two Las Vegas police officers in a restaurant and then walked across the street to Walmart and shot a third person. So when a Kennewick man made threatening statements on the Tri-Cities Craigslist page recently, Kennewick police responded with a SWAT team this afternoon.

According to KNDU, Kennewick police were notified on May 28 a man they believe to be Keith Eric Brier made threats against police on the Tri-Cities Craigslist "Rants & Raves" page. Monday afternoon police knocked on Brier's door, but he refused to come out with his six year old son. Police arrested his wife and called in the SWAT team to surround the home. The child was released to his mother and eventually the man came out.

Several neighbors were evacuated and Washington Elementary School was on lockdown for an hour.

The comments on Craigslist complained about citations the man had received in prior years.

"Law EnFarcement around here is a joke they have Guns and feel threatened wow... I believe the man was using his FREEDOM of Speech as he didn't Harm anyone... our police do it for Profit nothing more PIRATES"

"Leave the man alone"

"So glad our tax payer money is being used for things like that... guess I should not say more more, might be at my house tomorrow"

"OMG thought Police are at it again"

"I would hardly call those threats. They seriously have nothing better to do."

"Wow they didn't have too take the wife Into cussdie KPD is Fing stupid"

"Let me think about this... Some whack job posted threats in California recently, how many died..."

"This ought to stop some keyboard tough guys, no anonymity"

"He was posting threats on craigslist -- that's not only odd and overboard but also a little obsessive = crazy?"

"They have to take threats seriously! Bunch of whack jobs are killing police officers!!"

"People make up your minds. Either you want to get those crazy people off the streets or you don't. What the police should do is make a list of those who complain about them so they tell them 'Tough and save yourself...'"