As Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell hits the road to make up a few missed dates on his solo ‘Songbook’ tour, it’s hard to avoid questions about the new Soundgarden and the excitement surrounding it.

In an interview with, Cornell was asked about reuniting with his old friends and what it was like to be part of a band again. “It was a pleasure to get back with them. It was a pretty incredible experience, because we’ve had 14 years apart, and just getting back to playing shows together was an amazing experience,” said Cornell. “But moreso, I think, is creating new music. Because it’s all very complex, but the overall outcome is Soundgarden, and whatever we do, it sounds like that, and it’s really an interesting thing to get back to that and have it reappear so naturally.”

Cornell also said that the new disc was in its final stages and about ready to be remastered and “ready to go.” Cornell recently gave Rolling Stone a more definitive time frame saying the new album should be out by October.

About his solo gigs in comparison to playing with Soundgarden, Cornell admitted that at first it was a bit intimidating. “I think it went from being intimidated to a feeling that I kind of crave. And that’s essentially the notion of being the only person that’s supposed to hold the attention of the audience for two hours,” Cornell explained. “That’s a huge responsibility. And I’m not David Lee Roth – it’s not my nature to just wanna come out and be an entertainer.” Cornell went on to talk a little bit more about the process, saying, “It’s something that I have to coax myself into believing that I can do – and if it’s happening and it’s working, of course then it’s a great feeling, very rewarding, very exciting. But the idea of being the only guy and having that be absolutely of-the-moment, nothing is planned – that’s exciting to me. It’s something new, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and it’s kind of informed my songwriting.”

So with an October release date on tap, releasing ‘Live to Rise’ for ‘The Avengers’ soundtrack, and their recent surprise set at KROQ’s Weenie Roast, it looks like it’s full steam ahead for Cornell and Soundgarden.