Clean off your cars before you hit the road. Just clearing the windshields isn't good enough.

Should snow, ice, or any debris fall from your vehicle and hit another, YOU are responsible.

Check it out from Washington State Patrol Trooper Chris Thorson.

I've been guilty in the past, of not clearing the snow from my vehicle. I always said, "It'll just blow off."
This is NOT acceptable. I once worked with someone who would clear a tiny circle of the windshield with a credit card, just enough to see ahead. I don't know if he knew how to operate the defroster.

Removing ice from the frozen windshield

If you're ever behind a vehicle that's dropping big chunks of ice onto the roadway, it's recommended that you pull over and report it to 911.

Have you ever been behind a truck and had a rock hit your windshield? I have, and NOW always give myself plenty of distance from the offending vehicle by passing it or slowing way down. Once, I was behind a pickup truck full of items. A piece of wood crashed through the windshield between me and my husband. Of course, we were shaken. We pulled over and called 911 to report it.

The offender got away and I had to get a new windshield installed.

Good times.

Be responsible. Clear your entire vehicle.

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