Was this coke flying all over the US? (UCBP)
Was this coke flying all over the US? (UCBP)

We always keep an eye out for strange, bizarre, and weird stories, regardless of content. This would be one of those.

  41 lbs. of Cocaine smuggled aboard passenger airliner in electronic compartment

US Customs and Border Patrol (UCBP) continues to try to trace the 'frequent flier' miles of this large stash of coke, valued at over $1.3 million street value.

August 12th, these black bricks of drugs were located inside the avionics compartment of what UCBP said was a passenger airliner that landed in Philadelphia, having come in from the Dominican Republic. UCBP agents routinely search various compartments on aircraft, even commercial airliners, because smugglers are continually trying to be more clever. You wouldn't believe some of the places they try to hide contraband.

The avionics compartment houses various weather, radar, and other communications gear. These were found stacked under a blanket on the plane.

   Drugs came from the Dominican Republic?

It's perhaps likely that's where they were loaded, but UCBP says previous flight records show the aircraft had a lot of stops immediately prior:

"During the three days leading up to the discovery, the aircraft made passenger service stops at domestic airports in New York City, Miami, San Diego, and Philadelphia before arriving from Santo Domingo."

According to UCBP, the investigation continues, no word yet if officials have any idea how long they were there, or who put them on the plane.

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Until further evidence is uncovered, it is within the realm of possibilities these drugs used 'frequent flier' miles to jet all over the country before finally being discovered in Philadelphia.

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