Usually the places that look like they’re scary and look like the food is not going to be good, are usually the best. You can really be surprised by places like that. I've eaten at Coffee Nook at 714 Columbia Drive (near intersection with Hartford) about 20 times and every time it's been amazing.It's got big portions, tastes like home cooking, the staff is quick and friendly and fun.

It's tiny inside. There are only like seven tables. It's just so authentic.

The building literally looks like it was built in the 1940s. It also doesn’t seem very clean, to be honest, but the food is worth it. Brave the filth -- only that's not the right word. I'm not sure what word I'm searching for. Just go there.

Here are reviews from Yelp:

100% satisfied.  Full on, east coast diner breakfast.  The hash browns are homemade, seasoned and fully cooked."

This is one of my favorite breakfast places in Tri-Cities. It is the only place I've been able to get my hash-browns done just the way I like them; EXTRA CRISPY!!! If you are going for the looks of the place you could be thrown off, they let their food and service do the talking. If you want a good, honest breakfast, and to support a great local establishment, go here.

This is the classic small town diner. The cooks are surly, the waitresses are carbon copies of "Flo" from the ALICE show. They'll call you 'sugar' and tell you to kiss their grits. But - it's fun AND it's memorable. It's a small town hangout - so you can expect to see some colorful characters. The staff might argue with one another, I think they're related and/or old it makes for good people watching.