A Division III Baseball game got out of hand on Sunday after pitcher Levi Austin of Berry College mixed up his sports. This is baseball, not football or hockey. Collin Radack of Hendrix College thought he was going to easily score from third base after a wild pitch. What happened next is completely out of line and Austin is lucky he didn't receive a broken and beaten face.

By the looks of the video, there is already tension between the two teams. Notice after the first pitch, when the batter is given a time out and backs out of the batters box. Austin's pitch would have undoubtedly beaned the batter, which is odd considering the bases are loaded. I have no idea why you would hit a batter with a pitch in that situation unless to pick a fight.

As the catcher gets up to retrieve the obviously intentional wild pitch, you can see him and the batter conversing. I'm sure they aren't talking about how nice the weather is that day either. The next pitch is low and in the dirt and should have been an easy run for Hendrix College. Should have been.

Now, I'm not promoting violence in sports where it doesn't belong, but I'm surprised that no one punched this goon directly in the mouth. Good move by the Berry College coach to get his pitcher out of the mix as quick as possible because two more seconds in that group and he probably would have received a season ending beating.

SideNote: Collin Radack, the runner on third, extended his hitting streak to 18 games after a single in the fifth inning. The hit put Radack one away from the program record.