A Bear and Monkey on Bikes at Shanghai Wild Animal Park Ends in Worst Way Possible [VIDEO]
A bear and monkey riding bicycles sounds cute, but at the the Shanghai Wild Animal Park recently, this event in the long running Wild Animal Olympics ended terribly to say the least. Toward the end of lap two, one of the two monkeys in the race loses control of his bicycle causing a collision with the bear. Doing exactly as you would expect a bear to do in this situation, it mauls the monkey. The
Drunk Punk Receives a One Punch Knockout During SXSW 2013 [VIDEO]
There is always one guy that tries to ruin everyone's good time. It's too bad there isn't more people willing to step in and stop punks like this from being, well...punks. Watch as one of those punks tries to pick a fight with two guys on the street before receiving a 'booming' punch of his own across the jaw. Just like when Craig knocked Debo out at the end of Friday, this punk got 'KNOCKED THE F**K OUT' with one punch.
College Pitcher Tackles Base Runner Before He Can Score [VIDEO]
A Division III Baseball game got out of hand on Sunday after pitcher Levi Austin of Berry College mixed up his sports. This is baseball, not football or hockey. Collin Radack of Hendrix College thought he was going to easily score from third base after a wild pitch. What happened next is completely out of line and Austin is lucky he didn't receive a broken and beaten face.
Former Tri-City Americans Goalie Ty Rimmer Fights Laurent Brossoit [VIDEO]
It's not often that the goalies get to throw down, especially in a WHL game, but that's what happened this weekend at Rexall Place in Edmonton as the Oil Kings hosted the Lethbridge Hurricanes. Former Tri-City Americans Goaltender Ty Rimmer, who was traded to Lethbridge during this last off-season, dropped the gloves and had a go with Oil Kings goalie Laurent Brossoit.
UFC 148 Preview: Preliminary Bouts
Chael Sonnen will be facing Anderson Silva in what may well be the bout of the year. The action takes place at UFC 148 this Saturday in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Earlier this week, we previewed the main card fights. Here’s a look at the free preliminary bouts.
Hockey Fight!
Hey, you guys! As you know, I'm not a big sports fan. However, I am the kind of girl that likes a good fight. No, I freaking love a good fight. Here's one from last night between the Flyers and Penguins. Don't miss the TC Americans  playoff's this Friday & Saturday against the Spokane Cheifs. ...
Two Former Canadian Football Players Throw Down in the Ultimate Old Man Fight [VIDEO]
After playing nearly 2 decades in the Canadian Football League (CFL), along with 2 years for the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL, Joe Kapp played his final season of professional football as Quarterback for the Boston Patriots' in 1970. The 73 Year Old CFL Hall of Famer really made a name for himself when he fought former CFL player Angelo Mosca at a banquet in Vancouver, B...
Tom Morello Breaks Up Fight in L.A.
Rage Against the Machine guitar virtuoso Tom Morello brings his message of peace wherever he travels, even when he happens to find himself between two dudes arguing outside his concert. After Morello’s Oct. 25 show at the iconic Troubador in Los Angeles, the self-proclaimed “peacemaker” quickly sprung into action after a heated verbal argument started between a bouncer and a concertgoer.

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