The Benton Franklin Health District released the COVID-19 statistics over the last 24 hours and here's what it said: 20 additional Benton County positive cases out of 286 persons tested for a total of 3,632 total positive cases and 21,710 total tests in Benton County. One Benton County man is his 50's has passed away in the last day.

In Franklin County, there were no deaths reported and just 21 additional positives out of 261 people tested, bringing Franklin County totals to 3,412 positive cases out of 14,024 total tests.

In other news concerning the cornoavirus:

Only 42% of Americans say they'll get a COVID-19 vaccine when it's ready. That's down from 70% in early May. The biggest reason seems to be people are petrified it's being rushed out without proper testing.

Of course Washingtonians have their beefs with masks and other things, but look at it like this -- the mayor of Los Angeles says if anyone is caught throwing a large party at their house right now, the city will cut off their water and power.

It's harder to understand people through face masks. So a robotics company in Japan came up with a "smart" mask that fits over a normal one and amplifies your voice. It can also link up to your phone, translating what you say in eight different languages. It's called the C-Mask, and it could be available here early next year.

Finally, the mayor of Itajai, Brazil says he believes a rectal ozone therapy can treat those suffering from COVID-19 and he says the city will cover the cost. There's no proof out there this treatment works, however.

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