Tool are getting back into the studio, a rapper is sent to an Alaskan Walmart, the death of CDs, the sale of atmosphere, and some new music videos. Just a few random things I found while surfing around, brah.

Whaaaaaaaa...Tool is back in the studio working on an album?! Apparently that was the plan back in May when sat down with drummer Danny Carey. Check out the video below with Carey talking about the band's recording process. Lets hope there is some truth behind this.

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Walmart is running a contest to send rapper Pitbull to the Walmart the store with the most new likes on Facebook before 7/15/12. David Thorpe, a writer for the Boston Phoenix, wants to 'make Pitbull go to the weirdest possible place' and has started the Twitter hashtag #ExilePitbull. Awesome. Dood is just about to be sent to Kodiak, Alaska, who's Walmart Facebook page currently has over 70,000 likes. More than 10 times the actual population of Kodiak, AK.

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Apparently CD's will become nearly extinct in 10 years. That sucks. I still enjoy tearing into a new jewel case and taking out the CD booklet, checking out the artwork and thank you's from the band and what not. There's something about physically holding and having the music that I like. Obviously .mp3's are much more convenient, but it just isn't the same. CD's have been in decline for over a decade and according to Digital Music News, the declination will reach rock bottom by the year 2022 with a total of only 1 million CD sales. Estimated CD sales for 2012 is just under 200 million.

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Speaking of CD sales, Usher's 2004 album Confessions has been certified by SoundScan as just the 19th release to sell 10 million copies since 1991. The last album to pass 10 million sold was Eminem's 2002 release The Eminem Show, back in October 2011. Confessions was released March 23, 2004 and sold 1.1 million copies in its first week, making it one of 17 albums to ever sell a million copies in one week. Metallica's self-titled "Black Album" is still the all-time best selling record of the SoundScan era, with 15.79 million copies sold.

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I hadn't heard of the band Stone Roses before last week. Apparently they're regarded as recording one of the greatest albums of all time...I guess I'll have to check them out. Anyway, news came out last week about a concert goer that went missing after one of their massively hyped reunion shows in their hometown of Manchester. News broke that Christopher Brahney was found dead in the Manchester Ship Canal almost five miles from Heaton Park, where he was last seen alive at the concert. Tragic news. Odd note: Someone tried to sell a cup of "atmosphere" taken from the Stone Rose reunion gig on Ebay. Bottled in what appears to be a urine sample container, bids reached more than £500 ($775). Today the seller pulled the item from the auction. The atmosphere was collected "at around 10pm on the opening night", according to the seller. "Here is your chance to own your very own piece of Mancunian history... approx 10cc of awesome atmosphere. Who would really buy this stuff? Do you have any weird or random memorabilia from a band/artist/musician?

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Emmure, In This Moment, and KISS all released new videos this week. Although KISS' new one is just a lyric video, they actually released it with subtitles in 11 different languages. Different. Watch the videos from Emmure, In This Moment and KISS below.