Oldmobile Park Avenue vehicles are not generally regarded as cars of choice for criminal activity, at least Pasco Police don't think so.

They're referring to this particular one as a "Possessed Park Avenue," certainly not behaving like the one driven by many Dads or Grandfathers.

This silver 2002 sedan, WA Plates BIJ3975, has been tied to at least three different crimes in the last six weeks or so. The driver has been ID as a white male in his 50's, the passenger a shorter person with long dark hair. Police say this is consistent with a female shoplift suspect who drove away in the same car three weeks ago.

The car has been tied to : (according to Pasco Police logs)

  • On 032720, a female shoplift suspect was confronted in Walmart on Road 68 by Loss Prevention. She ran and jumped into the Park Avenue, which drove off. Officers attempted to stop the car, but it drove recklessly and the pursuit was terminated.
  • On 041620, a silver Park Avenue drove onto the 3900-block of Galway Lane, hooked up to someone else’s utility trailer on the street, and drove off. The theft was recorded on security video. The male looked to be older, wearing a ball cap.
  •  On 041720 at about 1:30 AM, an off-duty Pasco officer sees what he thinks is the same silver Park Avenue in his neighborhood. He alerts on-duty officers. Sharp-eyed Sgt Chad Pettijohn finds the silver Park Avenue near Court/ Road 36 at about 3:11 AM. It is driven by an older white male consistent with the trailer theft video. As the sergeant approaches the car, it takes off. Police pursue it from there to Argent to 20th to I-182, where it gets on the freeway going eastbound in the westbound lanes. Officers terminated the pursuit in the interest of public safety.

Pasco Police have been searching everywhere for this vehicle, but still coming up empty. Anyone who knows about the possessed car (or more likely the driver) call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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