The Powerball lotto game has announced that during the coronavirus pandemic, it's going to be slicing its minimum jackpots in HALF, from $40 million to $20 million and when no one wins, the jackpots will grow slower as well, rising a paltry $2 million instead of the usual $10 million bump.

There was no Powerball winner on Saturday night (3/28/20), so it's business as usual with a $10 million hike until someone wins. The new rules of engagement begin when the next jackpot resets. The current Powerball drawing is slated for this Wednesday, April 1.

Mega Millions' only comment as of this writing is that they are considering following suit on the reduction of jackpot amounts and minimum raises.

Mega Millions is good for $113 million to a jackpot winner on their next drawing coming up this Tuesday night (March 31).

Lottery sales are way down right now across the board (big surprise) and cuts are necessary to keep the game afloat.

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