This is always a crappy time of year because your team lets go of players you've come to love, like Chris Clemons, who was cut today.

It happens every year. It's something every fan has to go through every single off season. You just have to trust your team's front office is making the right decisions and these aren't going to effect next season in a negative way. I know it's the way of the NFL now with free agency; players become too expensive and they have to move on because teams only have so much money.

The only thing people aren't talking about is the Jared Allen move. He's from the Vikings and Seattle is one of the teams he's meeting with. Rumor has it that if he isn't let on to the Seahawks, he'll just retire.

Hell, just as long as he's healthy, he's a force. He's been in Minnesota for years, so that veteran status allows him to take a leadership role -- which is essential, especially after losing Red Bryant. He would step into Red's role as being a veteran leader on the line. Wars are won by soldiers, and you need soldiers who have been there, who can lead your team -- even if he only plays half the downs, his presence on the defense would be a great thing.

Tight end Jermichael Finley from the Packers is also meeting with the Seahawks. If they get him, the'll likely cut Zach Miller, who's due a lot of money this year in his contract. Finley is older but he's a super star. He had a spinal injury last year, but is likely headed to the hall of fame.

Seattle is so deep, these two might not even make the team. The defensive team often says the second string would be starters on ANY other team.

A lot of the negotiations right now are to make sure the money is there next year to cover contracts for the "cannot-lose" players, like Russell Wilson. The money is there now, but there's no roster crisis. When there is, will the team be able to afford to do what it must do? That's what's making these changes so fascinating -- taking the long view.