Highway 240 crash (WSP)
Highway 240 crash (WSP)

According to information from the Washington State Patrol, a crash just west of Columbia Center Mall is slowing traffic.

SUV lost control and ended up on the shoulder of opposite lanes of travel

Shortly after 10 AM Wednesday, the vehicle, which was headed west, lost control and traveled across the median, ending up on the eastbound shoulder.


Area of crash by CC Mall on 240 (WSP)
Area of crash by CC Mall on 240 (WSP)

Trooper Thorson of the Washington State Patrol says there are injuries involved but no details have been released about them at this time.

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As of earlier following the crash, westbound traffic on Highway 240 just west of Columbia Center was blocked.

Another vehicle was involved, but no information about how it was specifically involved.

More information is expected to be released later.

UPDATE---the driver of the vehicle that triggered the crash is being cited for negligent driving, WSP says inattention was the cause of the crash. 

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