Meet Dali, an American Suicide Girl who lives life to the extreme, listing snowboarding, rock climbing and, umm, sleeping as her hobbies.

Name: Dali

Location: US

Into: Art, fashion, food, snowboarding, traveling, meeting new people, lightning, paradoxes, nonsense, sci-fi movies, well-done tattoos, laughing at life’s oddities, the Cincinnati Bengals, San Jose Sharks, Oakland Athletics, and the Bay area.

Not into: Picky eaters, bad tattoos, grass, not experiencing new things, close mindedness, the Steelers.

Makes me happy: My two cats Mary Jane and Spiderman, my white bunny YoJimbo Ninja, adoption of children or animals, going to a new place, eating good food, wearing a pair of beautiful sky-high platform shoes with a sick outfit, spontaneous days

Hobbies: Snowboarding, rock climbing, yoga, running, swimming, eating, sleeping

Five things I can’t live without: Love, laughter, good food, good company and good style

Vices: Shoes and booze

I spend most of my free time: Running, doing yoga and sleeping

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