This is the picture in the KPD Facebook link my daughter sent me after I poo-poohed ever using the emergency brake unless you're in like, San Francisco.

Silly papa.

My daughter turns 16 in less than a month and after passing the written test, her scheduled driving test is this week. So we went out and did some practicing on some of her weaker areas like 3-point turns and parallel parking.

Even the KPD seemed to be listening in on my conversation with her as she properly, every time, applied the emergency brake as instructed -- only to have me dog her saying you'll never do that after your test...

We would like to remind everyone that if you are parking on a hill to set your emergency brake and turn your wheels towards the curb. If you forget you never know where your vehicle will end up. ~ Kennewick Police Department

Ouch. I'll own this one.

One more note, she also corrected me by saying it is illegal to drift into the middle of an intersection when you are turning left on a green light. You have to stay behind the solid white line in your lane before you accelerate and execute the turn all at once. She confidently reminded me of that as I was BREAKING THE LAW.

She also casually confirmed what a bunch of her peers and current driving instructors know: Almost all parents do it.

Happy motoring!

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