Uniontown is one of a number of tiny wheat farming dots on the map near Pullman and Colfax WA in Whitman County, which makes these deaths even more shocking.

The tiny town of 294 people is located on Highway 195, about 10 miles south of Pullman. They do actually have a K-12 school which competes at the "B" level, but increasing numbers of kids attend Colton H.S. three miles away.

This makes the discovery of a dead man and woman even more shocking. According to citydata.com, the town usually goes several years without even reporting a break-in or burglary. The town's crime rate has been virtually zero since 2001, according to citydata.

Whitman County sheriff's are investigating the discovery of the bodies of 25-year-old Aaron Marshall of Uniontown, and 23-year-old Britnie Schatz of Clarkston on Sunday in a home nearby. They had been reported by relatives as missing "for some time" according to Northwest Cable News. Authorities have not determined how they died or how long they'd been in the home.

The investigation continues.