Debrahlee Lorenzana is the woman who may have answered the question “How hot is too hot … for a major international banking firm?”

The former Manhattan Citibank employee claims she was fired for being … wait for it … too good looking! Lorenzana filed a gender discrimination lawsuit after she was canned, claiming she was constantly reprimanded for “dressing sexily” at the office before getting the boot. She lost the case when it went to arbitration.

The 35-year-old brunette, who has probably gotten used to being referred to as “busty” and “buxom” and “sultry” by the classy major media outlets over the past few years, is making the news again this week for criticizing Gloria Allred, the famous women’s rights attorney, who Lorenzana claimed quickly dropped her as a client after … er … milking her for all the media attention she was worth. (We just couldn’t resist making that joke.)

Listen, we’re not here to make judgments on the legitimacy of Lorenzana’s legal claims against her former employer or her characterization of Allred as a media-baiting phony. (Who do you think we are? A classy major media outlet?) We’re here to celebrate Lorenzana’s return to the headlines the only way we know how .. with an ogle-worthy picture gallery! Enjoy!