97 Rock will be broadcasting live and watching UFC 146 on Pay Per View, Saturday May 26th at The Grizzly Bar inside The Red Lion Hotel in Pasco. Congratulations to Matt Bentz of Kennewick, the 97 Rock Nation member who scored the VIP table for 8, appetizers for the table, a bucket of beer, and a private bartender and server. Come join us as Junior dos Santos will defend his UFC heavyweight title against Frank Mir.

Dos Santos is confident that he will be the heavyweight champ for awhile, but that is historically not the case.

I really believe I can keep this belt for a long, long time. My dream was to become champion and now I'm champion. Now I want to break records. I want to keep this belt for a long, long time and be part of the history of the heavyweights. - Junior dos Santos

Since 1997, when the UFC increased its cooperation with state athletic commissions and introduced weight classes, the heavyweight title has been held by 17 fighters, four of which defended the title more than once. Even Cain Velasquez, who beat up on Brock Lesnar in UFC 121 to claim his heavyweight title, was defeated in his first defense last year when dos Santos knocked him out around the one minute mark of the first round.

Dos Santos goes toe to toe with Frank Mir on Saturday, looking to join the ranks of Randy Couture, Andrei Arlovski, Tim Sylvia and Brock Lesnar as the only champions win a fight in defense of their title. Even then, no fighter has ever defended their title more than twice consecutively.

In MMA there are so many ways to lose, it really only takes one punch [to end a fight]. With a guy who is 230 pounds and up, using 6-ounce gloves, it's easy to end your night. - Randy Couture

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