Chino Moreno has been known to stay busy with other projects outside of the Deftones. His latest band takes a small page out of the Prince handbook by simply using a set of symbols to display their name, Crosses - †††.

Teaming up with Chuck Doom and Shaun Lopez, the trio released an EP in each of the last two years and is getting ready to drop their self-titled full-length debut on February 11, 2014. The CD will include the songs from Crosses previously released EPs along with five new tracks.

The first of the new five tracks titled "The Epilogue" was released earlier this month on iTunes and now another new track, 'Bi†ches Brew' has surfaced via an official music video. Talking to Rolling Stone about the video, Shaun Lopez said:

Visuals have been an important aspect of ††† since the beginning, so when making our first video, we wanted to make sure it held up. When I first spoke to the director Raul Gonzo about some ideas for the video, I knew he'd be the creative partner we needed. I think the end result represents us and the music very well.

Watch the official music video for 'Bi†ches Brew' from ††† (Crosses)