My dream is to live near the beach. And by "live near the beach," I mean no further than two hours away from the Pacific Ocean. My mom was born on the Oregon coast just like her mother was. I lived there until she married my dad and we moved halfway across the country.

Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash
Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash

Moving back to the Pacific Northwest twenty years ago was awesome. Since living in Tri-Cities, I've made near-annual trips to the coast, whether it be the Washington or Oregon coast. You can get to the most popular Oregon coast towns in five to six hours, sometimes less. It's been really nice. But what if I told you there are actually beaches right here in Tri-Cities?

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Obviously, you'll have to reimagine to yourself what a beach looks like. Throw out the warm sand, throw out the sea foam, and maybe even toss out the tanning oil. But yes, around the rivers in Tri-Cities and outward, there exist beaches. One review of the Washington "Beach" in Pasco says that "it's a good spot for fishing on the banks." Carbody Beach in Pasco used to be a popular spot but one recent review says that as of late "the beach itself is completely covered."

So while we don't have beaches quite like the coasts of Oregon and Washington, we do have beaches in Tri-Cities even if they're not all over postcards.

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