Meet Dimples, a Suicide Girl from Chicago who loves her sock monkey and isn’t quite sure what the term “drug free” means.

AGE: 20

LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois

OCCUPATION: College student.

CURRENT CRUSH: A tall, dark, handsome, sensitive, heavily tattooed bad ass who’ll treat me right…a girl can dream right?

STATS: 5’1″ /105 lbs / bust: 32C

BODY MODS: Various tattoos & piercings

HEROES: My mother.

FANTASY: Meeting my soul mate.

SIGN: Gemini

MOST HUMBLING MOMENT: Learning life is the hardest teacher- it gives you the test first and the lesson after.

CIGARETTES: I have black lungs.

MY DIET: Omnivore

ALCOHOL: Occasionally

MY DRUG USE: Drug free.

I AM LOOKING FOR: Whoever comes along.


HOBBIES: Eating sweets, cuddling with my sock monkey, reading books, occasional doodling, writing to clear my head, getting lost in music, learning new subjects of interest and baking treats.

5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: iPhone, Chapstick, lotion, sock monkey and sweets!

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