Meet Discordia, a 24-year-old Portuguese SuicideGirl who loves dirty jokes and having butterflies in her stomach, but is sad when the bad guy dies at the end of a movie.

Name: Discordia

Age: 24

Location: Portugal

Into: Piercings and tattoos, photography, art  vinyl, forests, strange dreams, dirty jokes, horror movies, traveling, flirting

Not into: sickness, envy, meat

Makes me happy: Summer, beer, butterflies in stomach, bites, being home by dawn, chocolate, dance, Jagermeister, people with brains, dark-hunter novels

Makes me sad: Animal cruelty, when the bad guy dies in the end of the movie, feeling powerless, lies, distances, people with closed minds, losing the ones I love

Hobbies: Dancing , reading , drinking , trashing around , sleep with my cat

Five things I can’t live without: Emotions, music, hygiene, friends, imagination

Vices: Cigarettes, but I’m quitting

I spend most of my free time: With the ones that make me happy

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