Free Beer, Hot Wings and the rest of the crew discussed one their favorite subjects this morning: women drivers. Free Beer and Producer Joe told a story about watching a Cadillac Escalade trying to parallel park in a really tight space. They both thought it was going to be woman driver, but to their surprise it was a man.

Regardless of the driver’s gender, that incident sparked the conversation that women are bad drivers. They brought up the story about a woman that backed her SUV into a construction vehicle and got scared and floored it right into a docked boat.

According to the story, the driver had a medical condition that might have caused her crash, but that didn’t keep Hot Wings from doing a hilarious impression of her. “I’ll open my eyes once I stop!” The guys decided that she totally pulled a Dukes of Hazzard right onto the dock.

They also shared a story about a woman in Colorado who was trying to flee the wild fires and put everything in her car to drive to safety. Unfortunately, as she was headed for the promised land, she flipped her car over and actually started another fire in the woods. Oh, and she lost everything she packed.

Free Beer said, “There you go, a woman driver created another fire in the same forest that is battling fires already.” Free Beer, like Hot Wings, started to do an impression of the driver. “I lost everything. All my scrapping gone! Now I have to start all of my scrapping again!”

What do you think? Are women worse drivers than men? Do you agree with Free Beer and Hot Wings?