Pet Peeve (pet hate): a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her, to a greater degree than others may find it. (Thanks Wikipedia)


This week has been jammed pack with issues that have, well, as you can see at the picture to the right, chapped my hide. From not getting my order right in the drive through to coming back to the Palace in Pasco (97 Rock Studios) to find out somebody isn't bright enough to notice that he took everything but 2 sheets of single ply. Really, c'mon man!

Here are a few other Pet Peeves of mine for your enjoyment and maybe a conversational purpose. Make sure to leave me your top pet peeves below.

  1. I love how some people think just because they're stopped at a red light they can get out and text a novel to their friend on the phone. Hey Jacka$$ it's been green now for :30, you gonna put down that NY Best Seller and give it some gas?
  2. Yep, continue to tell your buddy across the bar as loud as you can that you're going to hit the head. Everyone else in here was eagerly waiting to find out if you'd ever go and I bet your buddy can sleep better at night knowing that you can go pee-pee all by yourself now.
  3. Pay at the Pump is meant just that! I wanna pay at the pump; if you can't get your damn machine to work then guess what? I'm going next door to get fuel, your loss.

Now it's your turn, what gets under your skin and CHAPS YOUR HIDE!! Let us know below.