If you haven't seen it yet, the new Chunky Campbell Soup commercial with Richard Sherman and his mom was released last month. If you're a Seahawks fan you have to see it. Four famous "super fans" are in the commercial and they actually have a lot of lines! SeaHulk -- who is a personal friend of mine -- was really irritated about having to be blue, but he understood their reasoning. Mostly he was just happy to be invited to be a part of the LEGION OF SUPER FANS! There's a short, 60-second version also, but below is the full version.

I interviewed the SeaHulk and he said they had to paint him blue and call him the Sea Monster because they were afraid of being sued by Marvel! I know everyone else in the commercial, too. Mr. and Mrs. Seahawk are really nice. I'm Facebook friends with them. Everything inside their house has a Seahawks logo and they wear Seahawks clothes every single day.