I know I am a man of controversy.

I may also be a man of bias.

If you gave me the choice to build my NFL team around either the offense of the 1999 Rams, or the defense of the 2013 Seahawks, I'd say, "Give me those damn Rams, man."


Whoever has Marshall Faulk wins. No Seahawk could cover Faulk. He was a player you built a team around.

David Paul Morris, Getty Images

The definitive "scat back", Marshall Faulk revolutionized what the ideal running back should and could be. He could run routes, catch, and cut just as well as he could run and break tackles. He truly was one of a kind. He was the fastest player to hit 16,000 and 17,000 career yards from scrimmage. He also broke a single season record from yards from scrimmage previously owned by some guy named Barry Sanders.

Then, there's the quarterback. Kurt Warner owns the top three records for passing yards in a Super Bowl, being the only to hit 400 in a game. He currently holds the seventh-highest career passer rating of all-time (93.7), and the third-highest career completion percentage in NFL history with 65.5%. Of course, this is a cake walk when you're heaving to Issac Bruce and Tory Holt.

Brian Bahr, Getty Images

Did I mention the Rams won three consecutive NFL MVP awards? Kurt Warner in 1999, Faulk in 2000, and Warner again in 2001. That's dominance on a team level. Kurt Warner is the most recent player to win both regular season and Super Bowl MVP honors in 1999.

With Faulk already in the Hall of Fame, Kurt Warner has a great chance of making it in this year, as does tackle Orlando Pace. Tory Holt could make it in, and Issac Bruce was quietly one of the best wide receivers of all time. Only Jerry Rice, T.O. and Randy Moss had more receiving yards than him.

The 1999 Rams are one of only three teams in NFL history to score more than 30 points twelve separate times in a single season. (That's a 32.9 PPG average.)The other two are the 2007 and 2011 New England Patriots. The Rams were undefeated at home in 1999. The 2013 Seahawks would have been, too, if the Arizona Cardinals didn't exist.

The greatest offense ever, was the Greatest Show on Turf. The only offense to score 500 points in three consecutive seasons. They were so great, they didn't even need an elite defense to win a title. That defies everything we believe about football.

You can take your defense with you, which is a truly amazing and awe-inspiring one. But, take them with you.