A big thing is about to happen to folks who love to use Door Dash: they are about to start delivering alcohol! The kicker is that Door Dash throws in so many friggin' service fees, delivery fees, fees for giving you fees, it's just ridiculous!

Say you wanted to order something from Wendy's that usually costs you around 8 bucks. Well, by the time you finish ordering it off of Door Dash, that joker's gonna cost you around $25 to $30! That's outrageous. The delivery of alcohol right to your doorstep will come in very handy though, you won't have to get in the car and drive anywhere. Food delivery services like Door Dash and UberEats are so convenient and sometimes it really is worth the price of convenience.


This week, Door Dash announced that they have secured deals with grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, and liquor stores to deliver alcoholic beverages to customers using a two-step verification process. You will need to show your id to the delivery driver for confirmation and you will have to enter your I.D. information into the Door Dash app.

It won't be long before other food delivery businesses will hop on the bandwagon, too, so if Door Dash isn't your jam, just sit back and be patient a little bit longer. I deleted the Door Dash app from my phone a while back because I got sick of paying double for my food orders, so I to go online with my desktop computer to see which restaurants, bars, and groceries will be on the list for Yakima. So far, it looks like you can get alcohol from these places:


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I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of time before more local eateries will jump on having their menu items featured on Door Dash. https://youtu.be/RaVBS5RmigM