Early Sunday morning Kennewick Police and Fire responded to a crash that could have caused a lot more damage than it did.

Fortunately, the 24-year-old female driver was not seriously hurt, but is facing likely drunk driving charges.

Well after midnight Sunday morning, this woman's car was northbound on Arthur Street near Grande Ronde (Kamiakin HS is just 100 feet north of this area) when she lost control, hit a parked paint business trailer and flipped. Police didn't say if the car flipped first then hit the trailer, or vice-versa.

The next morning the trailer was gone, but she could have also hit a number of cars parked along the street at the Pepper Tree Village Apartments. She was arrested and taken to Trios Southridge ER for blood samples for DUI charges. She was otherwise not seriously hurt.

Extremely foggy and icy conditions due to our air stagnation have made nighttime driving a challenge especially in residential neighborhoods.

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