It seems to be everywhere nowadays, from commercials and movies, to the kid in the car next to me at the stoplight. Korn even dove head first into the Dubstep world and smashed it with rock riffs with their latest album The Path To Totallity featuring the likes of Skrillex, Noisia, Excision, and 12th Planet. Dubstep...or house...or techno...even a lot of pop music. The line has been blurred.

Dubstep has that obvious wobbled out bass, but from there, it all just sounds like Robot Rap to me. That's the only way I could ever explain it to someone who might ask what Dubstep is and I imagined a type of scenario like this. Robots talking and arguing. This little cartoon called 'Dubstep Dispute' is exactly what I was picturing...

A Fluxel Media 3d animated short set to an excerpt from Nostalgia's "Knights of Cydonia (Dubstep Remix)".

What's your opinion on the latest Dubstep and computer generated music (*cough cough* Linkin Park) that has been gaining popularity lately? Drop a line in the comment section below.