Pasco potato truck DUI chase fire (FCSO)

Sunday night, Franklin County Deputies were called to assist with a most unusual situation.


FCSO Deputies said they were called to assist by Pasco PD concerning a possible DUI involving a large semi-potato truck in the area of Karcher St. and Highway 395.

No details given about why somebody would be driving a semi-dump potato truck while intoxicated, but Deputies were able to lay out spike strips at the Karcher offramp from 395. Unlike some cars, spike trips vs. semi will almost always to the trick.

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The truck's right front tire blew, but it kept going in a loop up Highway 395 north to Foster Wells Road, then back south on Highway 395.

Truck after fire (FCSO)


The semi, because of the dragging from the blown tire, caught fire near the Karcher street overpass. The two occupants, a driver, and passenger, bailed from the semi but were quickly run down and caught.

No word on their identity or other details about them, but they were taken into custody by the Pasco Police Department.  We don't know if they stole the truck.

Damaged truck after fire (FCSO)

FCSO Deputies praised Pasco PD for the teamwork the prevented any tragedies with other vehicles.

Speaking of bizarre occurrences...


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