We are all getting super-excited that the bridge on Duportail Street is getting completed and now starting Monday, the Duportail and Keene intersection is going to a four-way stop to expand its lanes.

The City of Richland released a press release describing the changes to the intersection:

Construction to improve Duportail Street at the intersection of Keene continues.

Beginning on Monday, October 5, through Wednesday, October 7, the traffic signal will be replaced with a four-way stop so crews can work on expanding the intersection to accommodate additional turn lanes.

In the interim, The City of Richland will install a temporary traffic signal that should be activated on Thursday, October 8.

The temporary traffic signal will allow near-normal traffic flow for the remaining duration of the project.

Near the end of the project, a new permanent traffic signal will be installed and activated.

Pedestrians and bicycles are urged to use extra caution around this area.

When complete, the intersection will include the addition of a second left-turn lane from Keene onto Duportail and a right turn lane from Duportail onto Keene.

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