Not sure exactly what led up to this, but Kennewick Police have apprehended a 35-year-old man accused of stealing from the new Kennewick High School construction site.

Early Thursday morning, Officers were called to the site on a report of a construction worker who looked suspicious. He was seen leaving the site with some tools.

Stolen pyrometer (heat sensor gun) (KPD)
Stolen pyrometer (heat sensor gun) (KPD)

Police didn't say if the call came from other workers or a citizen, but David Kofoed was located and detained. He was found with a number of tools, ranging from saw blades and cutters to a pyrometer (heat measuring gun device).

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Police also said some company clothing and other items were found in his possession. He's now in the Benton County jail facing 2nd Degree Burglary charges.

The investigation continues. Police didn't say if this was a single incident, or if this had happened multiple times.

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