The man's condition is not known.

Pasco man rescued from underneath van Tuesday afternoon.

According to various reports, around 12:30 PM Pasco Police and a fire crew were sent to an area near Broadmoor Boulevard in Pasco for an accident.

A man was apparently changing a tire on a van, when it fell off the jack and trapped him.  The jack apparently failed or shifted, allowing the van to move over then pin the man underneath.

When police and rescuers arrived, the man's legs were sticking out from underneath, indicating he must have been underneath it for some reason. He was conscious and able to respond when crews arrived.

Police didn't say if he was the one who made the emergency call, or if someone else did. They also did not say if he was using any jack stands or other safety equipment besides the jack, but this does reinforce the need to do that if at all possible.

Never get underneath any vehicle that's been lifted up in the air without additional support besides the jack itself.


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