SUV blasts through smoke shop in Pasco Tuesday

Fortunately nobody was injured in this crash that occurred on 28th near Lewis in Pasco

Tuesday morning, a large SUV, a 2001 Ford Expedition , plowed through the front of the Shmeek Shop in Pasco at the corner of 28th and Lewis. The building sells smoking accessories.

According to witnesses, the SUV accelerated from the Security Mini Storage facility across the street, but didn't slow down. It blasted through the chain link fence, flattened one tire, then plowed into the Shmeek Smoke Shop around 9:36AM.

According to reports, a store worker was out front and saw the vehicle coming, but that has not been confirmed by Police. The store was closed at the time, and apparently no one was injured.

An ambulance and Pasco Fire units responded to the scene, but their services were not required.

Pasco PD says the airbags deployed after the crash.

How did it happen? Police say there was no sign of impairment, but the woman driving (whose name was not released) said her accelerator stuck, and she could not get the heavy vehicle stopped. She said the pedal had become stuck "on the carpet" on the floor of the SUV, and the brakes didn't bring it to halt.

She ended up being cited for defective equipment. The smoke shop, Shmeek, will be closed until further structural repairs can be made to ensure it's safe for customers.




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