Well today is the day everyone is in huge support of the Superbowl Champs, the Seattle Seahawks. I even made a 12th Man cake for the occasion. My team is out of the playoffs so I guess I am down to route for the Hawks. A ton of people at both Tri Cities and Yakima Townsquare Media stations have the Seattle Seahawks stuff on. There are a few of us who are fans of other teams. My Eagles, even after 10 wins, still did not make it into the playoffs so I am hoping, to make everyone happy in both Pasco and Yakima, the Hawks win this weekend to advance in the playoffs and keep home field advantage. The Hawks record this year is 12-4 so in my opinion, I really do hope the Hawks have another re-Pete[Carroll]. Now can I have a raise!  HA

Go my Eagles...............Next year. HA

Photo by Rameiy


Pete from 97 Rock


Kelly West Photo