Since everyone and the grandma seems to have a tattoo these days and dermals are becoming more and more common, the next (obvious?) step would be to put a jewelry implant into your eye or even get the whites of your tattooed, right? Yeah, I think it sounds stupid too.

Nothing like potentially losing your sight to look 'cool'. Considering body modifications have moved past taboo to the everyday norm, I guess there has to be something for people to do to make themselves feel unique.

The eye implant is called "cosmetic extraocular implant, or CEI for short, and is currently only available in the Netherlands. CEI is more commonly called 'JewelEye' and is manufactured by Hippocratech a company based out of Rotterdam. You can even get your 'JewelEye' in different shapes including a heart, star, four-leaved clover, or music note. Oooh a music not...THAT convinces me to have a surgeon slice open the top layer of my eyeball and willingly implant a foreign object.

For more information visit The Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery.

Warning: the videos below show surgical procedures done by professionals. Don't be a moron and try this yourself.