Ever moved across the country? You have to pack up every single thing you own and put in in a trailer. Imagine if that trailer was stolen from your hotel parking lot! That's what happened to Nicholas Craig right after retiring from the Navy and deciding to move home to Washington State.

Nicholas and his wife Rochelle retired from the Navy Jan. 8 and packed up everything for their cross-country journey from Virginia Beach, but in Council Bluffs, Iowa, someone stole their two vehicles, motorcyle, and trailer that included all their family photos and heirlooms.

Soon after their plight went viral on Facebook police located their 2003 Jeep Liberty and U-Haul trailer, then later their red 2005 Ford F-350 with Washington plates. The black 2008 Yamaha R6S Motorcycle is still missing. Hopefully the attention on the crime will result in its quick return also.

While many of their valuables were missing, at least some of their property was returned, in no small part to the viral social media messages that circulated.

As people shared the story, the most common response most people had was disgust for the hotel! What happened to their security? Isn't a basic expectation when staying at a nice hotel is they will watch your vehicle while you sleep?