The folks at Fairchild Cinemas are excited to be getting back to work.

On Tuesday, Governor Jay Inslee announced that Benton and Franklin Counties would proceed to Phase 2 of the Washington State Safe Start Program.  This allows theatres to open and operate at 25% capacity.  It's a start.

Fairchild Cinemas-Southgate is expected to open this weekend.  And by the looks of their Facebook page, people couldn't be more excited.

Queensgate 12 is aiming for a re-opening by NEXT weekend, and Fairchild Cinemas-Pasco is estimating opening within the next few weeks.

Imagine theatre popcorn and watching a movie!  When was the last time you visited a movie theatre?  For me, it was early March, and I was impressed by the many options now available at the concession bar.

Mark Mainz
Mark Mainz

One of my first jobs was working in theatre concessions.  It was a treat to bring home the leftover popcorn from the night.

I can't wait to get to one of our Fairchild theatres.  I'll probably enjoy an extra-large popcorn & soft drink.  I'll also go for the refill.  It'll be worth it.

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