Fentanyl Skittles seized in area raids (KPD)
Fentanyl Skittles seized in area raids (KPD)

Kennewick Police announced Friday that during the week of Oct. 17-21st, a major drug bust was conducted involving the Tri-City Metro Drug Task Force, DEA as well as the US District Attorney's Office for Eastern WA and the Benton County Prosecutor.

   According to KPD, several locations were raided in Richland and Kennewick

Several locations were searched, resulting in an arrest. According to KPD:

"Detectives served search warrants on residences in Richland and Kennewick which lead to the arrest of a 36 year old female and the seizure of about 14,300 suspected fentanyl pills, about 1.5 pounds of suspected methamphetamine and a firearm."

Police and other agencies say this is the first major seizure of candy-looking fentanyl, which is known on the street as "Rainbows" or "Skittles."   Previously, fentanyl was usually a light or dark-blue pill, but now authorities are seeing them processed to look very much like candy.

According to KPD:

 "We want the public to be aware these new multi-colored pills are in our area and pose a significant risk to children who may find them attractive."

 Previously, the closest reports we'd had about rainbow or Skittles fentanyl were out of the Portland, OR area.   Fentanyl has also been showing up on the streets in the form of 'blocks' or 'sticks' that look like sidewalk chalk.

More information about this recent local bust is expected to be released soon.

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