We're all missing concerts, and it appears as though Reading and Leeds festival chief Melvin Benn has constructed a plan that he feels will allow for the return of full capacity concerts. According to Kerrang!, Benn spoke to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee on Tuesday (Sept. 8) in the U.K. sharing his plan.

As part of his plan, Benn suggested that one way to remove the need for social distancing at shows would be "essentially testing people before they arrive at the festival or event, and creating an environment where everybody in the space has been tested and have tested negative and therefore are unable to transmit the virus to other people."

Earlier this year, Benn suggested using the NHS Trace App as a method to increase testing. He added, “I have a plan for up to 600 locations around the U.K. where we could effectively test people the day before they arrive and the app would effectively give entry."

Benn stated that ideally a vaccine would be in place to help with the return, but at present there is no definite timeline of when one will be ready. "Plan B – which is an absolute certainty – is to test everybody and allow everybody who is clear of the virus to enter the venue and work at the venue, and those that are carrying the virus are not allowed to enter," he continued.

He concluded, “I think the government has a view about testing that it is a positive way forward. Unfortunately, what they’re not doing is sharing how that testing can work for the live entertainment sector with the live entertainment sector, so that we can begin to plan. Trying to open without full capacity is just not an option.”

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