Guys, when it comes to your package, lets be honest.

She's not honest.

What is she supposed to say? Especially if the synopsis is not good and you keep bugging her about it. Do you really think she'd say anything other than something complimentary? And don't you kind of feel weird even bringing up the subject of your overall package presentation in the first place?

I mean, HOW DO YOU EVER REALLY KNOW if your junk stacks up? Honest feedback is so very hard to find.

Aren't you even a little bit curious?

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A sex instructor and life coach in Australia, 33-year old Lahnee Pavlovich of Queensland, has launched a new service where men can send in (solicited, for once) pictures of their junk and she'll handicap your crown jewels in a number of categories.

For instance, what some of your better positions might be, tips on hygiene, improving the overall look to get the most out of what you're know, get to know and love your anatomy, fella!

This instructor gal is admittedly obsessed with sex and the mind's pre-occupation with the making of the love, and she says the junk judging is by far her most popular "service."

If you're truly interested in a honest appraisal, then the Rate-Your-Rooster-Report is definitely for you, but you'll have to shell out a bit. It costs $37. I have no idea how the random dollar figure of 37 came to fruition.

Catch here the entire Instagram post and fallout about this truly unbiased offer.

It actually reads, in part,

Being a SEX Coach inevitably leads to random messages from men asking me to help them out by looking at their 🐓⠀

And while I'm 💯 not a fan of the unsolicited dick pic, (guys, don’t do it! It’s not cool) there is something to be said about those cock shots… because by knowing and understanding a man’s penis, or more importantly, by him understanding his own, he can learn ALOT about how to use it and be better in the bedroom.

It's entirely possible that you've gone your entire life without really knowing if you've got a good looking package. Isn't your manhood's manscape worth a $37 analysis?

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