I know 97 Rockers are totally into saving the Ta Ta's, so I'll be blogging about "the girls" a lot this month. I had the opportunity to talk to this really amazing breast cancer survivor the other day. Her name is Laura Roppe. She wrote a book titled, "Rocking The Pink: Finding Myself on the Other Side of Cancer"It's an awesome book for both men and women to read, in fact actor Jack Black say's it's" Gripping, funny,creative and courageous. Rocking the Pink is a winner."

Laura discovered a lump when she was in her late 30s had a mammogram that came back negative. Her Doctor decided to do a biopsy and that's when she discovered her breast cancer.

I found her story very inspirational, and also it is a great reminder to do self-exams regularly. Below is a video of her journey and a clip from her recent appearance  on the "Ellen" show... it's pretty funny, especially because one of my favorite actors, Liam Neeson, is on TV in pink underwear!