In a recent press conference Cameron Diaz reminisced about her world travels to reporters and other media representatives.

When Cameron Diaz was in Africa she took time to observe the culture, specifically the Maasai women. She was shocked to see that the women would go to work only a couple hours after giving birth. She commented, "They just kind of strap the baby on their back and keep going."

She later added, qoute, "Well, when you have a baby on your back for a year and a half, when you're nursing, you do what you have to do,  you can't stop working. What you do is throw your breast over your shoulder and the baby is trapped to your back so it suckles."

Diaz further explained, "Or, if you have the baby on your back and you spin it underneath your arm so the baby can take it behind and suckle while you still keep working. So there's an actual function for saggy breasts"

So why is Cameron Diaz educating us on saggy boobs?

To promote her upcoming movie "What To Expect When You're Expecting" opening in theatres May 18, 2012!


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