What is Outbreak?  Red Dot Paintball has been offering paintball, airsoft and laser tag experiences for 6 years in the Tri-Cities and is offering this unique experience this year at Scaregrounds Here are answers to some of the most basic questions and a look into one of the most unique zombie Halloween experiences out there.


Stepping onto the trailer, each Zombie Hunter has a chance to choose the first or second level of the two-story battlewagon.  This trailer has massive firepower and is armed to the teeth with twenty available paintball shooting turrets.

Each paintball marker is mounted and only allows for shots to the forward direction.  As a bonus, the zombies aren’t armed at all.  All you need to be a Zombie Hunter is your trigger finger and to purchase a supply of our Glow in the Dark paintballs.  When the trailer starts to move, the lights go out and the wagon is headed to the first of three undisclosed zombie locations.  When the wagon stops, the backlights come on catching the zombies off guard and wondering where the firepower is coming from.

Time to fight the horde!  As you plow down the zombies your goal is to eliminate them.  A certain amount of shots guarantees their demise.  After a few minutes, it’s time to reload.  100 rounds are only $10.00 on the ride and you can buy as many as necessary.  After all three scenes are complete the wagon will pull you back to the start and it’s time to unload!  Hop onto Facebook and vote for your favorite scene and actor from the night!  If you decide to come back before the end of Scaregrounds, your Scaregrounds admission is just $5.00 and paintball admission is free with the purchase of a minimum of 100 paintballs when returning!  This ride is for ages 5+ accompanied by an older sibling or adult and 10+ unaccompanied.  Outbreak is an unmissable, unique, and unforgettable attraction, it’s time to become a live action Zombie Hunter this year at Scaregrounds!