The Washington State Patrol is holding its Bump Stock Buy-Back Program on Through  today March 25th. Washington State residents will have an opportunity to turn in their bump stocks before the federal law banning the devices takes effect on March 26, 2019. The closest location for Tri-Citians is Yakima

Congress Debates Sale Of Bump Stock Devices After Las Vegas Mass Shooting
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Machine guns are illegal in Washington and Senate Bill 5954 allows Washington residents the opportunity to turn in up to five bump stock type devices and receive $150 per device. The bill appropriates $150,000 for the program.

Individuals can visit any of the WSP offices listed below by today at 4 pm

March 25, 2019
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
District 1 – Tacoma – 2502 112th Street East
District 2 – South Seattle – 15666 International Blvd (detachment office)
District 3 – Yakima – 2715 Rudkin Road
District 4 – Spokane – 6403 W Rowand Rd
District 5 – Vancouver – 11018 NE 51st Circle
District 6 – Ellensburg - 291 S Thorp Hwy
District 7 – Marysville – 2700 116th Street NE
District 8 – Bremerton – 4811 Werner Road

• Individuals must be a Washington resident (an official Washington driver’s license and/or identification card is required)
• Individuals must have a valid mailing address
• There is a limit of five bump stocks per person

1. An individual may bring in an operable or inoperable bump stock to the listed WSP offices. (Note: This program is designed for commercially designed and manufactured bump stock devices. Any “homemade” or independently altered devices will be reviewed by WSP armorers on site to decide if it is something that qualifies for the buy-back program.)
2. An individual may also turn in the device(s) to the ATF or other law enforcement agencies to obtain a receipt. (Individuals must then bring the receipt to one of the listed WSP district office on the designated dates/times to receive a voucher for payment.)
3. An Individual must present a valid Washington driver’s license or identification card.
4. At the WSP office, the individual will complete a voucher form with a valid mailing address.
5. The WSP will process the voucher for payment.
6. The WSP will mail a check to the individual at the mailing address provided on their original voucher form.

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