So a dude walks into the West Court Street Conoco convenience store in Pasco trying to return a lighter three weeks after he bought it.

The store owner says, uh, no.

So the customer allegedly starts knocking glass bongs off the counter causing a mess and about $400 in merchandise loss. The owner then reportedly grabbed the last bong and threatened the customer with it to scram. That's right, he brought a bong to a verbal fight.

So while the customer attempted to drive away, the owner threw the bong through the driver's side window shattering the bong and severely cutting the back of the customer's hand.

The car then stopped and the owner called 911. When the cops rolled up they found the two men arguing as the customer was bleeding everywhere. At least the owner provided a scarf for a makeshift bandage into which the customer could profusely bleed.

One of the arriving officers noticed the wound and applied direct pressure until medics arrived. The medics described the cop's actions as "life saving".

Must've been a gnarly gash.

The police could not establish intent to destroy the bongs, I mean really, who would willingly destroy defenseless bongs? Both the owner and customer do agree on how the blood starting flowing, however.

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Pasco Police quote:
"The moral of this story is: Let the police handle things like this for you. We are a 24-hour service. If you find yourself in a position similar to the owner ...  consider taking a deep breath and being a good witness, particularly if it is someone you can identify, or a license plate you can pass on."
The owner was booked into the Franklin County jail on suspicion of second-degree assault, the customer could face a misdemeanor charge of malicious mischief.


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