Growing up in urban central Kennewick I was raised to think that yes the Easter bunny was a real-life helper of tooth decay and I was partially right. I liked candy but I never really focused on finding the candy as much as I was an animal when it came to finding and eating hard boiled eggs. I could'nt stand the plastic eggs that rattled change in it because I was somewhat smart enough to understand that they(my parents) couldn't of stashed more than $.45 in that damn egg that would break anyways when I picked it up and I would lose the change in the lawn anyways.

Growing up I wasn't spoiled but I wasn't handed everything either and for that I thank you Ma and Pa Focker. So this Easter remember to enjoy it with your family and make as many memories as you can, plus don't forget to do as I do and eat as many hard boiled eggs as you can all weekend long.

Don't forget 97 Rock wants to send you to see Van Halen so help find our drunk Easter Bunny's Easter Kegg and you could be off to a SOLD OUT Van Halen concert at the Tacoma Dome Saturday May 5th.

Also it wouldn't be a true Easter if you didn't enjoy some Sketchy Bunnies, enjoy!